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this project was developed for an university exam.

Exploratory analysis and correlation between sales of video games and consoles in the world.


  1. Introduction

  2. Data Collection

    • Video game sales dataset

    • Console sales dataset

  3. Data Processing

    • Cleanup of datasets

    • Validity check of global sales

    • Publisher control with few published games

  4. Exploratory analysis

    • Videogame datasets

    • Dataset consoles

  5. Testing
    • Correlation calculation between video game sales in the various regions

    • Calculation of the monotonic correlation between the sale of a console and the sale of videogames developed for the same console

    • Calculation of the monotonic correlation between the number of video games developed and video game sales

  6. Results and conclusions

Repository files

  • Analysis written in Python on a Jupyter notebook (videogames-sales-analysis.ipynb), uses the following libraries:

    • Pandas (Import of datasets)

    • NumPy (Math functions)

    • MissingNo (Displaying null values in datasets)

    • MatPlotLib (Graphs and statistics)

    • Seaborn (Charts and stats)

  • Game scraping script from vgChartz written in Python (vgchartz-scraper.ipynb)

  • Video game sales dataset obtained from the scraping of vgChartz (vgsales.csv)

  • Console sales dataset retrieved from Kaggle.com (console.csv)

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.