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this project was developed for an university exam.

App that implement different graph operation on Neo4j database that contain Open Street Map nodes.


  • Neo4j Desktop
  • Python
  • Py2neo: pip install py2neo
  • Neo4j APOC library (install from Neo4j Desktop)
  • OpenStreetMap dataset available as sample project in Neo4j Desktop


Work on all Operative Systems

  • Start Neo4j Desktop
  • Move to the /openstreetmap-neo4j directory
  • Run: python3 openstreetmap-neo4j.py


0 Exit

1 Add a new Point Of Interest

2 Remove an existing Point Of Interest

3 Add a new Route

4 Remove an existing Route

5 Search for Points Of Interest near a place

6 Search and locate a Point Of Interest by name

7 Filter POIs by type

8 Find the shortest path between two points of interest

9 List all available Routes from a Point Of Interest

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.