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Store your passwords in an offline encrypted file! 🔒

Need a JDK to run, download it here!

Download 📂

Check the GitHub releases section to download the executable file available in the following formats:

  • .exe: Windows
  • .deb: Linux (Debian Package Manager)
  • .rpm: Linux (Red Hat Package Manager)
  • .appimage: Linux
  • .jar: Windows, Linux and MacOS

Feel free to compile it yourself and edit the source code:

  • Download the source code here
  • To compile and run:
    mvn clean javafx:run
  • To create the jar bundle:
    mvn clean compile package

Features ✨

  • Create an offline encrypted database to securely store your accounts data
  • Choose a Master Password to encrypt the entire database
  • Easily add, edit and remove the accounts
  • Several keyboard shortcuts available, check the in app help section to find out more!

Specification ⚙️

  • Use AES/ECB/PKCS5PADDING encryption
  • SHA-256 hash to normalize password size
  • CSV database format
  • GUI developed with JavaFX Scene Builder
  • Maven support for dependencies and automation

Sreenshots 🖼️

Login view:

Database view:

Flow diagram 🧭

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.