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JavaFX Dark Theme

A complete CSS stylesheet to set a dark theme in your JavaFX UI. 🌘

Built on top of the default JavaFX theme (Modena)

Download stylesheet here!

How to use

  • Load via FXML:

    Add stylesheets="@style.css" to the top-level FXML tag.

  • Load via Java: Add the following code:
    File style = new File("relative-path/style.css");

CSS preview example

See this theme in action here!

Download stylesheet here

List of JavaFX recolored elements

  • Label
  • Pane
  • GridPane
  • TextField
  • ComboBox
  • ListCell
  • ListView
  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • TextArea
  • ScrollBar
  • Menu
  • ProgressBar
  • Slider
  • TreeView
  • Tab
  • TitledPane
  • TableView
  • Tooltip
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